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chris said:


I noticed a few months back that your character did not say hell, but rather something hockey sticks, and this past saturday they said the word groin.

Now I am not offended by the word hell, it was not used in a vulgar way in the strip(well if you had used it, rather then H EDdouble Hockey Sticks). It did noy add to the strip, and it is not a curse or vulgarity.

The word groin was polite since what would more correct would offend many people, (not me you could have made hot dog jokes), but by saying groin you kept it rated G and I am very fine with that.

So I must ask why use groin today and hockey sticks tomorrow? Unless it is actually funny.

I try to only read my comics in actual newspapers and look forward to them daily. If the NYTimes would dd them they would then be perfection, liberal bias aside, chcukle.



admin Author Profile Page said:

Good points, Chris. We will pay more attention. Thanks!

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