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A compilation of Mason's first five years,

With a foreword by Jim Davis,

Autographed by Mason,

Published by Willow Creek Press,

B.C. Reinvents The Wheel is available NOW!

Get yours today!

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Connie Turner said:

I enjoy your comic strip very much and find it very entertaining. As an army wife, I want to thank you for remembering Veterans Day in your strip. It's very touching to see a tribute even in the comic strip. Thanks again.

admin Author Profile Page said:

You're welcome, Connie. Thank YOU!

J Coker said:

I am trying to locate a strip seen on Easter Sunday around 20 years ago. Can you give me information on how to locate it?

admin Author Profile Page said:

Describe the strip and I can give you the date. We sell prints on the site here:

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