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Altered Wizard of Id strip causes confusion.

Below is a letter we received from Steve in Cleveland, Ohio. We have had many letters similar to Steve's over the past several months, concerning an altered Wizard of Id comic strip being passed along on the internet.

"I recently received a [Wizard of Id] cartoon in an email forward from a friend that starts with "Shouldn't voters have to pass an intelligence test?" and ends with "Then the Democrats win!". Knowing my friend and his apparent inability to check facts/sources before sending an email, I found at least one source that says the real ending [to the strip] is: "Then the best liar wins". Could you please help me to put an end to this argument, one way or another and provide the correct ending?"
Sincerely, Steve

Here is the real thing, straight from the horse's mouth, originally published on January 9th, 2004. We hope this will help put an end to the confusion. Thank you, Steve, nice 'sleuthing'. By the way, the "publisher" of the altered strip did not ask for permission from Creator's Syndicate or John Hart Studios. Hmm.

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Jim said:

I had cut out the cartoon that said, then the Democrats win but have since lost it.

admin Author Profile Page said:

Sorry, Jim. It never existed except on the internet and email by someone who changed it without our permission.

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