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Vin said:

Okay what is special about

42 Moatview Ct
Darndale, Dublin 17, Ireland

which is where the coordinates point to?

Mark B said:

Hi - I notice that the LAT LON coordinates in Sunday's strip is just south of Dublin Ireland.
Any significance? I know Johnny was Irish...

JW said:

OK - I give. Why a location in the Northern Suburbs of Dublin Ireland?

wrt said:

What would there be to hunt in Dublin, the lat/ lon listed in todays strip?
I am interested, not offended.


Jason R. Phillips said:

So what's the significance of Moatveiw Ct. in Dublin, Ireland?

admin Author Profile Page said:

Hey everyone ... Mason just came up with random numbers. So cool that it is in Ireland! What are the odds? Thanks for writing.

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