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jensahli Author Profile Page said:

Show ME a comic strip creator with no sense of respect for one of the most integral parts of any successful office, and I'll show YOU someone who has lost his grasp on reality. I realize your play on the word "grounds" was the point of today's strip, but your implication about Administrative Assistants is dated, at best (actually it's insulting). Going forward, I hope you'll consider TODAY'S STANDARDS before poking fun at ANY profession.

jane brown said:

Good thing you didn't use the term SECRETARY! Those who live by TODAY'S [relativistic] STANDARDS (and who were unfortunately born with no sense of humor) might have been REALLY offended. Keep making [most of] us laugh!

admin Author Profile Page said:

I don't mind making the coffee! :) ~Patti

admin Author Profile Page said:

Thanks, Jane!

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